Love tip #1 (not necessarily in any order)

2014-12-07 09.04.07

Love tip #1: Always put your lover’s power tools and accessories away neatly and in good condition after you borrow them (then you don’t feel as bad if you lose it just a little when he takes your scissors).

Also, smile sweetly when he gives you advice and thank him for his instructions, waiting until he leaves before doing it the way you usually do it (except, perhaps some of the things he told you were worth trying out, you know, just to see if they work better).. and not mentioning that you did it ‘this’ way when he took the kids camping and you had the shed and all its treasures to yourself (muhahahar!).

But really, the tip for a happy domestic life – power tools away. Respect. Plus it’s so much more fun doing it yourself than nagging someone else, even if the results ‘look better from a distance’ – as long as it works.

What do you think about it?

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