This is the terrifying page. For me, anyway. So how did gosyma come about? Actually I had to do a design assignment and come up with a name and logo… then it morphed a bit. Go back about 100 years when I was 13 and being a fashion designer was all I wanted to do. A fashion designer who also designed mansions. Oh, and who was also a pop star. Years later I found a style sheet I’d made, with 3 colour variations, fabrics and trims, costings, and international wholesale orders starting at $25000. I used to be good. When you’re 13, you’re allowed to be who you want to be. At least when you’re playing in your private world. Then you grow up and have to be sensible (career-wise, anyway!)… So, I played the game of life for a decade or so until I came to my senses and thought “screw it – why not me!”. Oh – you really want to know about gosyma not me, don’t you…

So… when she was conceived, I named her Gossamer. It’s about nature and flowing and contrast and dreams. And a spider. A spider called a gossamer spider, who spins a thread to catch a breeze and uses it to fly to her destination. Her destiny. Such a graceful way to travel. Magical, and ingenious. Then I changed the spelling because there’s a lot of gossamer around, and it’s not gossamer – it’s something else. It’s gosyma.

What do you think about it?

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