Restore yourself

Physically spiritually mentally emotionally

I crawl onto the earth
         lay my body against her
she pushes against my sternum abdomen pelvis thighs arms head
     cradling me
             holding me
                    giving me her strength

Sun warms my back
           bids my body ‘relax’
 gentle breeze takes my mind
              for a little journey
          allows my spirit some peace

         it is always available
            I must learn to allow
                        myself more often

  Cat bumps me
       jumps on me
            zooms away
               reminds me
      there are things to do
             simple things
                   and I am back.


….because to care for you is to care for me

              to give love to you is to give love to myself

     like a siphon drawing boundless energy

                                                 from the limitless.

Energy that is never lost – just changing, just moving (thanks Albert)

                 and you give back unknowingly

                                 and I know if you knew you would be glad

         now I overflow with vitality and love…

a vessel made to pour and share

                aware that if I stop – the flow could become plugged

                             all it takes though is a friend

                                                       familiar, or brand new

          to reconnect the source

                                and start the spring again.


Surrender…    Surrender to life.
Jump in and be swept away by its current…

Jump in to life – stop holding back –
  and be carried to new shores.

Move forward   upward   outward…

Release your spirit…  The world needs it.
The world needs   you.  Brighten it with your flame…

Feel the power flowing through you.
 Step forward…    Now…    Jump.

Allow your power and spirit to join
 the current…        the now.

There is only now.    This moment.
All others are memories and dreams.

Dynamic Introspection

2014-12-21 17.56.30

I have delved deep,
          in the corners of pitch
     and lifted them to light

I have conquered the looming mountains
     and sifted their grains
took what I wanted
       disposed of remainder

Battled the horror beast
    the one that never dies.
         subdued it
Unclasped its strangle-hold
     from my heart and throat
Glared it deep through its eyes
   Dared it to tangle me again
I hope it does
I am ready      to crush it again

Standing    Steady     Strong
on both feet     grounded
I look towards that which I cannot control
calm              ready…