Woo Hoo! er.. Yay.

Argh go on then! (sorry I like that non-word) Do some ‘writing’. Well, I have something to tell you..

It’s just me. Just a human being. Average specimen. I decided to run again. Well, when I say “again”, the last time I did any jogging (besides running home from the pub in the rain) was – holy crap – TWENTY YEARS ago (Hmmm… do I want to leave that hanging out there in public like that?). Yes. Probably ACTUALLY, NON-HYPERBOLICALLY TOOOWEN-TEEE COMPLETE YEARS!

I remembered that feeling though. When you finish. Legs of hefty water-laden sand, lungs of flame, the blood express hurtling through your ear tunnel at full steam, crumpling to the ground – a lumpy gob never to lift it’s sweaty head again……… Those WONDERFUL endorphins! The ELATION! The pleasure of ABSOLUTELY FEELING ALIVE!

Heh, that’s why I’ve run in the past (except for the rain thing, and other running I’ve done when drunk for various reasons). Not to get fit, not to lose weight, not to please my sport-crazed phys ed teacher father (GOD NO! – sorry Dad), but mainly for THIS FEELING. Also, the challenge, the GLORY, and the curiosity… what will this body do?

That’s why I ran this morning. TWO WHOLE DECADES later….. How’d it go??….

  • got up, got dressed, walked outside pondering the wisdom of running on aching ankle foolishly twisted the day before
  • fielded conference with beloved as to purpose of unusual behaviour, slipping into discussion, apologies and reparation for nasty argument the day before (completely unrelated to ankle incident…eventful day, heh)
  • initial mission abandoned in favour of not being late for most special and cherished yoga class at the beach

(ok, a false start – that was yesterday, but I believe it’s vital to avoid stepping into the putrid sink hole of shame, with the prodding bony finger of “should” digging into your back. I find it easier to continue my adventure if I recognise my intent and what I did achieve, i.e. got up, got dressed, had a plan.)

  • got up, installed pedometer app on phone (SO glad I did this – tell you why in a sec), got dressed, walked outside
  • started running – around our 2 acre block because young offspring are in bed alone in the house. Also barefoot, because duh.. no shoes yet.
  • LAP 1: feeling pretty good, surely have gone quite a distance – have been running for 10 minutes by now! Check pedo – WHAT?! Check pedo again….argh, bloody 0.43 km, pissy 3.36 mins! OH CRAP. (yep – hooray for the pedometer app!)
  • LAP 2: ok, getting a bit puffed now, twisted ankle again in bandicoot hole YEOWCH!
  • LAP 3: oh yeah…puff… this is the stuff, lungs laboring, heart playing doof doof, concrete boots, twist ankle again (BLESS-ED BANDICOOTS!), twist other ankle – falling to knees ARGH (beeeep), is this the last lap? – half a lap to go
  • running rest of lap and before I know it am into LAP 4: ok… gulp.. ok… puff …. lungs scoured, blood banging in my ears, legs of a puppet – or a muppet?? concrete boots seem to have picked up some anchors along the way… along with the SHIPS…

The AWE-INSPIRING, GRAND TOTAL……. 2 km. In 15 mins. ALRIGHT!! YAY for me!! I feel DYNAMIC and POTENT! A glistening new skin shimmers in the sun of a fresh day. Yeah. I run now. Not every day, but I’m a runner.


I Need to Live This Damn Life of Mine

AArgh! It’s February already – Hell, it’s nearly March, and I JUST CAN”T GET GOING!!

Last year was mad. I Pushed and Stretched and rushed around in busyness, just falling shy of actually getting to the scary, meaty parts of what I wanted to accomplish. I did accomplish a lot – I need to acknowledge that, but I know I didn’t plunge into tasks that I felt anxious about. You know, like starting a blog – things like that.

So I’m going through the motions a bit so far this year. Ticking jobs off the list, doing things I enjoy, things that I feel a bit nervous about, but nothing that terrifies me. That’s what I need to work on. The TERRIFYING things. Because that’s how I know I’m living my life. Then those things are not terrifying anymore, just kind of scary, and I’ve grown up a bit. 

I watched this wonderful documentary… http://www.channel4.com/programmes/fabulous-fashionistas/4od (ok, I will figure out how to do that properly later – I’ve just got to do this now or I won’t). It’s about 6 beautiful and inspiring women with an average age of 80, who are RELISHING life. They talk about feeling lucky to be around – one of them said about death that she thinks “will it be today?” and then gets on with her day. Some of them started new careers very late in life. I have so much potential life left! We are the youngest we are ever going to be, and we can begin a new life right now!

Feeling the fervour and zeal stimulated by these thoughts and this film I went outside and … brushed the cat. Then I came back in and typed this babble. Ok, it’s a start, and I’m absolutely going to click the “publish” button and unleash it unto the world. Sorry. It’s not perfect, and it’s a bit terrifying, and that means I must do it.