You ARE Somebody.

You are somebody. You have inherent value. Just because you ARE. You don’t have to do anything, know anything or anyone, have anything. You are valuable just as you are.

Allow yourself to be. Do what you love. Follow your passions – your dreams. They will energize you, and teach you who you are. Allow yourself to express yourself as you naturally are born to express yourself. Remove yourself from the artificial mold you’ve been pushed into, no matter how well-meant that effort was to shape you. You were already as you were meant to be, to grow into the form that you were meant to grow into. Do whatever it takes to regain that.

Share your light with the world. Your shining light will helpĀ others to shine. You don’t have to be better than others at any particular skill – you have to be the YOUiest in whatever you do. You are the best at being you. Only you can offer your distinct point of view, your perspective, and your way of doing things. The world benefits most from a multi-faceted effort and vision. Just be. Trust yourself. You will shine if you nurture yourself, and you will have energy to share.

oooh man… just play

Now listening to Gary Clark Jnr centimetres from my ear at top volume, I’ve forgotten what I was in such a hurry to type. About being motivated… parent stuff.. I remember quite young my parents asking me why I wasn’t receptive when Dad tried to teach me to swim. It was because something that was innately fun was no longer fun. We adults don’t often think about that when we are enthusiastically imparting our knowledge and experience. Kids want to learn, and the BEST way to learn is by playing… having fun, making mistakes with abandon and enjoying making them, and just learning. We need to integrate fun into learning. We were bornĀ to learn at play. And not just as kids, either. As adults too. When we are enjoying what we do, we do it so much better.

Love tip #1 (not necessarily in any order)

2014-12-07 09.04.07

Love tip #1: Always put your lover’s power tools and accessories away neatly and in good condition after you borrow them (then you don’t feel as bad if you lose it just a little when he takes your scissors).

Also, smile sweetly when he gives you advice and thank him for his instructions, waiting until he leaves before doing it the way you usually do it (except, perhaps some of the things he told you were worth trying out, you know, just to see if they work better).. and not mentioning that you did it ‘this’ way when he took the kids camping and you had the shed and all its treasures to yourself (muhahahar!).

But really, the tip for a happy domestic life – power tools away. Respect. Plus it’s so much more fun doing it yourself than nagging someone else, even if the results ‘look better from a distance’ – as long as it works.